December 14, 2017

Franchises Returning to Their Former Homes

This Sunday’s St. Louis Rams vs. Cleveland Browns game isn’t generating a lot of buzz. But the significance of the game shouldn’t be lost on the city of Cleveland.

The Rams who were originally founded in Cleveland, will be making their 11th trip back to the city Cleveland. The Rams have a record of 4-6 in Cleveland, since they left the icy shores of Lake Erie in 1946.

The Rams are one of ten current NFL teams, to have ever played an official NFL game in a city they use to call home.  These teams have a winning record of 48-42 in their former cities.

Franchises Records at their Former Home

Team Former City Moved W-L 1st Game Back
Cardinals Chicago 1960 3-6 1965: Bears L 13-34
St. Louis 1988 7-3 1998: Rams W 20-17
Chargers Los Angeles 1961 7-10 1970: Rams L 10-37
Chiefs Dallas 1963 1-4 1975: Cowboys W 34-31
Colts Baltimore 1984 4-2 1998: Colts L 31-38
Lions Portsmouth 1934 1-0 1934: Cin Reds W 38-0
Raiders Oakland 1982 Didn’t play in Oakland until they moved back. ¹
Los Angeles 1995 Haven’t played in Los Angeles since.
Rams Cleveland 1946 4-6 1950: Browns L 28-30
Los Angeles 1995 Haven’t played in Los Angeles since.
Ravens Cleveland 1996 8-4 1999: Browns W 41-9
Redskins Boston 1937 7-4 1944: Bos Yanks W 21-14
Titans Houston 1997 6-3 2002: Texans W 13-3

¹ The Raiders played an exhibition game in Oakland in 1989, they lost to the Houston Oilers 21-23.



  1. Hey, good stuff. That 1950 Championship Game in Cleveland was a classic! The Browns and Rams had an excellent rivalry in the ’50’s. Meeting three times for the NFL Championship (Rams winning in ’51, Browns romping in ’55) makes it one of the great rivalries in the history of pro football. The ’51 and ’55 games, of course, were in L.A.

    I’m a Redskin fan, and I’d never thought about the fact that they returned to their original city to play the Yanks. I know they beat the Yanks 40-13 in the last game of a disappointing 1947 season, but that game was in D.C. I’m glad the ‘Skins weren’t well supported in Boston, ‘cos we’ve loved having them in the Nation’s Capital!

    • Andrew McKillop says:

      Thanks for the comments. In 1948, the Redskins played their last game in the actual city of Boston; a 23-7 victory. The other games have been played in the Boston metro area (including a pair of exhibitions in Cambridge).

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