December 14, 2017

Gridiron Greats Magazine, Summer 2012 Issue

Gridiron Greats: The Digest of North American Football & Its Memorabilia — Summer 2012 (Vol. 11, No. 37) issue has been published.

Here is what you can find in the issue:

Congratulations!! You Have Been Drafted in the First Round
By Tex Noel

By Jared Kraus

Vintage Football Card Rarities Part 3: The 1926 Sports Company of America (Spalding) Set
By John Spano and Mike Blaisdell

By Jay Wolt

New York Giants Super Collector Jeff Prager (1961-2010)
By Bob Swick

49ers Great Jersey Comes Back To Collector
By Martin Jacobs

Good Fellows
By Jared Kraus

Celebrating 100 Years of North Country Football: Early Canadian Card Issues
By Mike Bonner and Carl Lamendola

A Game They Loved To Hate: LA Rams and 49ers
By Martin Jacobs

Ghosts of Buckeyes May Still Roam the Old Sod
By Dr. Robert Stevenson

Gridiron Greats Book Reviews: Pro Football’s Most Passionate Fans: Profiles of Fans Honored at the Pro Football Hall of Fame with the Visa Hall of Fans Award
By Bob Swick



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