December 14, 2017

Shocker! Alabama Ranked #1 in Leatherheads Top 16

Three weeks of college football has been played so it is time once again for the Leatherheads College Football Top 16.  At Leatherheads, we ignore the preseason polls and wait for some real action to determine who are the top teams in the nation.  By the end of week three, our voters have seen enough action to see who is for real and who is not.

Despite my sarcastic headline, there is no surprise that Alabama is the number 1 ranked team.  The Crimson Tide have dominated their opponents this season with a 41-14 victory of then AP-ranked #8 Michigan, a 35-0 blowout over a decent Western Kentucky team and then a 52-0 pouncing over Arkansas.  Can Alabama bring home another crystal trophy to replace the one they dropped and shattered in April?

LSU, again, finds itself in the mix for the top spot as our number 2 ranked team.  Last season they finished third in the Leatherheads Top 16 after being ranked #1 most of the season.  College football fans have to be looking forward to their match-up with Alabama on November 3 at Tiger Stadium.

At #3, Oregon is 3-0 to start the season with a tough game coming up against Arizona.  Last season, the Ducks lost their undefeated status in week two when they lost to LSU 40-27.  If they can get by the Wildcats with a victory, the Ducks might be able to still be undefeated for another big game on November 3 when they play USC.

Speaking of USC, how did they lose to a Luck-less Stanford team?  Well, here is our first poll and Stanford is number 10 and USC is three spots behind.  The Cardinal seem to have USC under control, going 4-0 in their last four match-ups.  QB Josh Nunes can check off beating USC on his list of accomplishments that Andrew Luck did before him.  For USC, their fall as the #1 AP-ranked team was quick, first losing the top spot after week one to Alabama despite beating Hawaii 49-10 in their opening game and then dropping more than ten spots with their loss to Stanford.  Both the Leatherheads Top 16 poll and the AP poll have them ranked at 13.  Leatherhead and Top 16 voter, Brandon Williams stated “No reason to count the Trojans out of the BCS title race; still, the lack of run game is a major concern.”

USC is the only team in the Top 16 with a defeat.  I personally didn’t vote USC in my top 16, largely due to the play of UCLA and TCU.  Only undefeateds in my voting this week!  Of course, that will change as the season goes on.  UCLA will play the Trojans on November 17.

Kansas State, ranked at 15, is an interesting team once again this year.  Again quoting Brandon Williams, “Nothing pretty about the Wildcats, but pretty doesn’t always win games.”  Enough said.  If KSU keeps winning, I expect to see them ranked higher in the upcoming weeks.

So without discussing each ranked and almost ranked team, here is the first rankings by Leatherheads of the Gridiron for the 2012 season:

Rank Team Record Points  
   1 Alabama (12)    3-0   192  
   2 LSU    3-0   173  
   3 Oregon    3-0   169  
   4 Florida State    3-0   156  
   5 Oklahoma    2-0   130  
   6 Georgia    3-0   119  
   6 South Carolina    3-0   119  
   8 West Virginia    2-0   107  
   9 Clemson    3-0     76  
 10 Stanford    3-0     72  
 11 Texas    3-0     66  
 12 Notre Dame    3-0     58  
 13 USC    2-1     46  
 14 Ohio State    3-0     45  
 15 Kansas State    3-0     39  
 16 Florida    3-0     26  

Others receiving votes
: UCLA – 15, TCU – 14, Virginia Tech – 4, Oregon State – 3, Michigan State – 2, Michigan – 1.

Participating voters: David Boyce, Ronnie Foreman, Terry Keshner, Bob Lazzari, Dan McCloskey, Andrew McKillop, Tex Noel, Pete SonskiBob Swick, Brandon Williams, Joe Williams, Tony Williams.


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