December 15, 2017

Poll StatResearch—Notes from the 2012 Leatherheads Top 16 #2

Consistency is the key word when describing teams that have been ranked in the weekly Leatherheads College Football Top 16 Poll.

Over the course of 12 weekly polls during the 2011 season, 38 teams were ranked in either the weekly poll or received votes from those who submitted a weekly ranking with six teams appearing in all 12 polls.  These select six include: Alabama, Boise State, LSU, Oklahoma State, Oregon and Stanford. Through the first two polls to open the 2012 campaign, all but Boise State and Oklahoma State have continued the trend.


Consecutive Top 16 Poll Appearances (2011-12)
Alabama     14
LSU         14
Oregon      14
Stanford    14


With the release of the second Leatherheads poll of the 2012 season, three teams received their initial Leatherheads votes while not cracking the Top 16. These teams are Louisville and Rutgers with 4 points and Mississippi State with 2 points.

For the second consecutive week and just the fourth time in school history, the Alabama Crimson Tide will sit atop the weekly poll as the nation’s top team.  Thus far in the 2012 season, the Crimson Tide garnered all 12 first place votes, for the second consecutive week.  Last season, Alabama was voted the #1 team in the Leatherheads’ final poll on January 10, 2012.  Alabama held a 9-1 margin in first place votes and  a 158-144 margin in total points over #2 Oklahoma State.

The SEC powers flipped-flopped in 2011 when LSU was No. 1, Alabama was No. 2 and vise versa.  In addition to these schools being ranked second, a pair of Big 12 Conference foes shared the other weeks at No. 2.  The Oklahoma State Cowboys were #2 three times while arch rival Oklahoma was twice.

Exactly half of the 16 teams tallied 100 or more poll points in the second 2012 poll.  Only five teams surpassed the 100+ marker last week.


Poll #2 (September 25, 2012)
1 Alabama          192
2 Oregon           177
3 Florida State    163
4 LSU              159
5 Georgia          134
6 South Carolina   124
7 Kansas State     104
8 West Virginia    102


Five times during the 2011 season, 8 teams surpassed 100 or more poll points.


Rising and Falling (2+ Positions)
Going Up            Poll #2          Poll #1          Difference
Kansas State            7               15                8
Notre Dame              9               12                3
Georgia                 5                7                2


Going Down          Poll #2          Poll #1          Difference
Oklahoma               16                5              -11
Florida                12               16               -4
LSU                     4                2               -2


Same Position in Back-To-Back Weeks (2012)
Alabama                       1
South Carolina                6
West Virginia                 8
Stanford                     10
Texas                        11


Tex Noel is the Executive Director of the Intercollegiate Football Researchers Association and compiler of the votes for the Leatherheads College Football Top 16.


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