February 21, 2018

SEC, And Then Who???

With all the conference realignments, as well as the SEC’s recent dominance of everyone else in the nation, talking about who the best conferences are is a popular thing to do around the water cooler these days. The popular consensus is to rank the SEC at number 1, but who is after them? Is it the smashmouth powers of the B1G? Is it the offensive fire power of the Big  XII? What about the Pac-12 who has been written off as of late? With the resurgence of Florida State and Miami on an upward trend, could the ACC be 2nd?

Although how many teams each conference has in the AP Top 25 isn’t a perfect indicator of the strength of a conference, it can  help show which teams should be taken seriously on a national scale.

  • SEC- 6
  • PAC-12- 6
  • Big XII- 5
  • B1G- 3
  • ACC- 2
  • Big East- 2

The SEC, even though only 6 teams are ranked, has probably 3 teams that are better than teams at the bottom in Texas A&M, Missouri, and Tennessee. There is no doubt in anybody’s mind that the SEC is the far superior conference in the country. According to the number of teams ranked, the PAC-12 would be the 2nd best conference, but the PAC-12 is really strong at the top, and after that you are stuck with a lot of mediocre teams like Colorado and Washington State who couldn’t hang with anybody in the SEC, so I am going to say the Big XII is the 2nd best. Not including their ranked teams, they still have Baylor and Texas Tech at the bottom half of the conference. Top to bottom, the Big XII is the closest to competing with the SEC.

The B1G has taken a lot of heat lately for the way they have competed on the big stage against superior teams. With their smashmouth offense, and their strong defenses, the B1G is the 4th best conference. Even though they are not ranked, Michigan is a team that could make some noise in the conference later in the season because of their potential offensive fire power.  The ACC is not far off from the B1G though, as top to bottom, they could challenge them. As much as college football fans make fun of them, teams like Wake Forest and Duke are good teams this season. The ACC also has teams who are on the way up in North Carolina (Who is really talented), NC State, and Virginia. Those 3 teams are close to being ranked, as well as the powerhouse, Virginia Tech.

The Big East is still in the cellar of the “Big 6” and is actually having a better year this season with really solid teams in Rutgers, Lousiville, and USF. With all the teams they are losing in the next few seasons, the conference does not seem to be looking up either.

As mush as you hate to think about it, the SEC still figures to win another National Championship unless they beat each other up so bad that none of them make the championship. With 6 titles in a row, the SEC figures to be the best this year, and the trend does not seem to be coming to a halt.

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