December 15, 2017

Bama Gets Manzieled as the Wildcats and Ducks Tie For #1

Earlier in the month, South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier stated that Alabama could beat a few NFL teams.  Perhaps, that could be true or not (most likely NOT).  However, Texas A&M is not an NFL team and they beat the Crimson Tide on Saturday.  America was entertained by the Johnny Manziel Show.  I know I was, especially when he did a pirouette after fumbling the ball in the air only to recover it while spinning and then throwing a TD pass. 

Simply put, Alabama got Manzieled or when the number one team in the nation cannot contain the opposing team’s quarterback both on the ground or in the air as well as on the sidelines.  The cameras were loving “Johnny Football”.  Manziel lit up the Alabama defense for 253 yards passing with two TD passes along with 92 yards rushing.  His stats are not out of this world but he put his team in position to win–something no other player or team has done all season.  A.J. McCarron had a few opportunities to bring Bama back but turnovers sealed their fate and a loss dampens their chance to get back to the BCS National Championship Game. 

McCarron had not thrown an interception all season and had his streak of 291 pass attempts without one end.  He finished the game with two.  Also, McCarron may have lost his spot in the Heisman race to A&M’s freshman quarterback.  Manziel has led the Aggies to an 8-2 record with 2,780 yards passing and 1,012 yards on the ground.  The Crimson Tide drops to fourth in the Leatherheads College Football Top 16 after sitting on top all season while the Aggies rise to #11.

The number one spot is now crowded.  Both Kansas State and Oregon received 186 points from our pollsters while splitting the first place votes evenly with six apiece.  K-State kept up their winning ways by beating the TCU Horned Frogs 23-10.  TCU once held the longest winning streak in the nation but now have lost four of their last six games.  K-State is 10-0 and number one in the BCS standings.  On the other hand, Oregon put up 59 points against the now 3-8 California Golden Bears to also go 10-0.  The Ducks are ranked number one by the AP.  This Saturday the Wildcats play Baylor and the Ducks play Stanford.  Will they both be 11-0?

Notre Dame is also 10-0 after beating Boston College 21-6.  Hey BC, glad you left the Big East?  Nice 2-8 record.  The Fighting Irish are sitting #3 in the Top 16 and play a 5-5 Wake Forest team on Saturday.  Georgia slipped past idle Ohio State despite having one loss.  The Bulldogs handily beat Auburn 38-0 and will play an 8-2 Georgia Southern team next.  Ohio State plays Wisconsin.  Montee Ball was unstoppable last week against Indiana.  Will the Buckeyes be able to stop him?

Heading into last weekend, Louisville was 9-0 and looking at a possible undefeated season.  Syracuse would have no part of that and put a hurtin’ on the Cardinals by a score of 45-26.  Louisville is no longer in the Top 16.  Their game with Rutgers on November 29 will decide the Big East Conference championship.

Other games of interest this weekend include Texas A&M vs. Sam Houston State (8-2),  Oklahoma against a now 5-4 West Virginia team (Geno who?) and USC at UCLA.  The Bruins are poised to make the Top 16 with a victory after receiving four 16th-place votes this week from our pollsters.

Rank Team Record Points Last Week
   1 (Tie) Kansas State (6)   10-0    186        3
   1 (Tie) Oregon (6)   10-0    186        2
   3 Notre Dame   10-0    163        4
   4 Alabama     9-1    142        1
   5 Georgia     9-1    138        6
   6 Ohio State   10-0    117        5
   7 Florida State     9-1    109        8
   8 LSU     8-2    105        9
   9 Florida     9-1    102        7
 10 Clemson     9-1      93      10
 11 Texas A&M     8-2      92      15
 12 South Carolina     8-2      59      13
 13 (Tie) Oklahoma     7-2      40      14
 13 (Tie) Stanford     8-2      40      16
 15 Nebraska     8-2      19      NR
 16 Louisiana Tech     9-1      13      NR

Others receiving votes
: Texas – 12, Oregon State – 11, UCLA – 4, Rutgers 1.

Participating voters: David Boyce, Ronnie Foreman, Terry Keshner, Bob Lazzari, Dan McCloskey, Andrew McKillop, Tex Noel, Pete Sonski, Bob Swick, Brandon Williams, Joe Williams, Tony Williams.


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