December 15, 2017

Ray Lewis

Ray Lewis made his return to the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday with a dominant performance featuring 13 tackles as the Ravens beat the Indianapolis Colts, 24-9, in their wildcard playoff game.

Afterwards, Lewis took a lap around M&T Bank Stadium to thank the Ravens fans who have supported him for 17 years because this was his last home game, as his career will end when Baltimore’s playoff run ends.

Ravens fans screamed and waved at Lewis like he was a rock star.   Ray Lewis: he’s fierce, he’s funny, he makes commercials, he’s perhaps the best linebacker in NFL history and he has a seat in Canton and a job at ESPN waiting for him.

He’s also the guy…you remember don’t you?

Two men murdered in Atlanta 13 years ago.  Ray Lewis was charged, he was not convicted and no one ever has been.

Everyone says, or seems to believe, that Lewis is not only truly innocent but is also truly a decent person.  If so, then remembering Jacinth Baker and Richard Lollar does not tarnish that goodness.  If not, then it is not only respectful for us to remember them, it’s incumbent upon us to do so.


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