February 18, 2018

Will There Be an Alabama-LSU Rematch for the National Championship?

Last night’s “Game of the Century,” a.k.a. No. 1 LSU at No. 2 Alabama was the second-highest (non-bowl) college football game in history. According to USA Today, “The 11.9 overnight rating trails only CBS 14.5 rating for Notre Dame-Miami on Nov. 25, 1989.”

It’s not surprising that Boise State, though still unbeaten, is below Alabama in the rankings. The Tide played well last night, but not their best. It’s unlikely that Alabama – or Boise State – will lose another game.

Stanford hosts Oregon this coming Saturday (Nov. 12) and Oklahoma travels to Stillwater to play Oklahoma State Dec. 3. If Stanford and Oklahoma State lose in those games (or any other along the way), Alabama is likely to be in line for a rematch for the national championship. In fact, Alabama fell only one spot to No. 3 in today’s BCS rankings (edit 11/07).

That is just wrong. Not that I’m opposed to a rematch; I’d actually enjoy seeing the two teams square off again. Though I ranked Alabama at No. 4 in my vote submission this week due to the loss, I think the Tide is equal or better that Oklahoma State and Stanford. There should be a playoff system to determine the final two teams in the championship game.

On the Three Point Stance last night,  Bob Swick and I spoke with Kevin McGuire about the need for an NCAA playoff system. Have a listen and let me know your thoughts.

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Hey, Is That The Big 12 I Hear?

So West Virginia University is finally headed to the Big 12….a move sure to cause upheaval in the Big East and in turn in the smaller conferences as well. A move that surely will have WVU fans taking some lumps as the Mountaineers struggle to get acclimated to the much more talented Big 12!

First with the Big East. They will almost certainly have to invite some schools that may have not been on their main list–example Temple. Temple currently plays in the MAC for football and the Atlantic 10 for basketball. The Owls along with Memphis from C-USA , according to Louisville head basketball coach Rick Pitino, would make a great fit for an all-sports conference membership to replace departing Syracuse and Pittsburgh to the ACC. The other schools that will be left in the Big East would have the invites sent to the likes of Boise State, Navy and Air Force for football only membership and Houston, SMU and Central Florida for all sports.

As for the smaller conferences, they would struggle to find replacements for these departures to the Big East and may not have any quality teams left out there to replace them, leaving them with less revenue and trying to survive on.

As for WVU’s entry into the Big 12, they may look forward to some tough goings in the beginning as they must get up to the talent level of the other league teams. Yes, WVU has talent in other sports and they have talent on the football team–for the Big East, but not the type of talent on the football team to hang with Big 12 schools week in and week out. Yes, they can go and win face to face matchups in bowl games and in-season games, but to match that talent every week on the field…they are just not there yet!

Now don’t get me wrong, this will be a good move for them as it will open up some recruiting areas that they are not current players in–like Texas and Oklahoma. However, it will take a few years to get those recruits that do flow through to Morgantown to reach the same talent level as the other Big 12 teams. Until then the WVU faithful, that like that win now feeling that the school has them used to, are going to have to get used to a few more losses here and there. They will have to refrain from calling for coach Dana Holgorsen’s job as he has a big job ahead of him in getting them prepared for Big 12 play.

Look forward to some exciting times in Morgantown and get ready for the fury of the Big 12!