February 18, 2018

Mount Union Accomplishes a Scoring First

Mount Union, the most prolific scoring team in college football history (on all levels), has accomplished another scoring first.

The Purple Raiders scored 517 points in 10 regular season games. With a 72-14 win in the opening round of the NCAA III Playoffs, the team from Alliance, Ohio increased its season total to 589.

In its next game, Mount Union scored 55 points against Johns Hopkins, raising their point total to 644 points.

After this weekend’s game, a 72-17 victory over Widener, the Purple Raiders established the standard.

This is the first time that a college football team has scored a composite total over 500-600-700+ points in successive games.

Mount Union now has three postseason games scoring at least 70 points. Montana in 1995-96 and Abilene Christian in 2007-08 are the only other schools with more than one game with over 70 points in the postseason.

Year   Division  500+ Team    Game  Points Reached  Points  Opponent
2012   NCAA III  Mount Union   11        589          72    Christopher Newport
2012   NCAA III  Mount Union   12        644          55    Johns Hopkins
2012   NCAA III  Mount Union   13        716          72    Widener