January 20, 2018

QB or Not QB: Meet Mitchell

The Chicago Bears shocked everyone – including Mitchell Trubisky –when they traded their number three overall pick to the San Francisco 49ers to get the number two overall pick which they used to select – North Carolina quarterback Mitchell Trubisky.

A lot of people seem be laughing at the Bears for doing this because the prevailing wisdom seems to be that the Bears could have just waited one more pick and still gotten Trubisky.

Instead, by moving up, the Bears also gave the Niners their third and fourth round picks this year and their third rounder next year. In other words, many believe the Bears gave up three picks for nothing.

None of this matters, of course, if Trubisky turns out to be the next Aaron Rodgers, or even the next Jim McMahon. People will long forget what other dudes the Bears could have gotten with those later picks if good old Mitchell is leading the Monsters of Maddening to a couple of Super Bowls.

But some are also questioning the Bears’ move because they think Trubisky isn’t even the best QB in the draft.

So, um, we don’t know.

Bears GM Ryan Pace said of Trubisky, simply, “we did what we had to do to get him.”

Did they have to do it?

Only time – and the venom of Mike Glennon – will tell.

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